If Im Missing Ive Gone Fishing Wreath Kit

If Im Missing Ive Gone Fishing Wreath Kit

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1-Each kit contains:

2- Rolls 10" Mesh

1 - 15" elevated work frame- Burlap

1- 1.5" x 10 yards wired ribbon

1- 2.5" x 10 Yd Wired ribbon 

1- 10" Metal UV Coated Sign

1- 7/8" x 10yd Wired ribbon 

1-19" Tea Leaf Plastic Bush X 7

1-7"L Bass On Pick Natural

🛠️ Note: Additional items like pipe cleaners, zip ties, hot glue, scissors, cable tie mounts, floral wire and wire cutters aren't included. You may need these to complete your masterpiece.

🌈 Quality Guaranteed: Some substitutions may occur, however substituted items will perfectly color-match your kit.

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