The She Shed has arrived!!

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The She Shed is finally here!

Stephanie's She Shed


The arrival of my shed:

I have to admit this was a scary adventure watching this man deliver our she shed, but he has amazing talent!

Watch this amazing transformation of unloading the shed from the truck to getting placed on the area we had prepped. 


There was a little work involved, leveling the ground, placing thick concrete blocks where the shed would rest on (to avoid damage to the wood under the shed) and laying gravel under the shed.

I quickly realized as my business continues to grow, we needed additional space to store overflow product that cannot be placed on the shelves because honestly y'all love ribbon.


Before the shed

The realization once overflow supplies started taking over my entire home! The family room, the great room, the kitchen and anywhere I could still find floor space to store supplies.

Our house before the she shed.


Limited shelf space in the garage is used for day to day filling orders. When the shelves get low we then retrieve more supplies from the overflow area which has been in the HE shed up until now.

Gary's He shed

After I filled the HE shed, I started utilizing space in the RV since it was winter time and we were not traveling.


It's never enough!

I have been in denial for a while, but I have to admit it. It's never enough.

When new pallets arrive with all the fun wreath making and craft supplies, we need somewhere to store it all besides the garage.

More wreath supplies are here


Although I do have the extra space now, as we continue to grow, our space needs to grow with us. We have filled the she shed quickly.

Wreath making supplies filled the shed


Ribbon, ribbon and MORE ribbon along with all the other supplies we need to make our pretty things. 

Wreath making supplies


What's next?

In April 2021 we are looking at purchasing a lot that is located next to our home to build a much bigger space to store all the pretty things all under one roof, much bigger than the SHE shed!


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